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A fully fledged CSR solution to include your customers in the causes that you care about!

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A 100% charitable action.

CSR Commitment

With the help of Cherry Checkout you can actively contribute to your strategic CSR approach and benefit from many advantages: increased sales, heightened brand awareness and an improved brand image.

Competitive Differentiation

Personalise your e-commerce website and stand out with an innovative and unique solution that sets you apart from your competition. You build a positive brand image as you and your customers make difference together.

Strong social impact

By placing social issues at the heart of your business, you demonstrate your commitment to your customers and your values as you contribute to making a positive change in the world.

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Patrice Parra - Directeur de Arts2Chine.fr

Concerned to be involved in a CSR approach such as we already had for tree planting, we were looking for a complementary CSR commitment to combine a powerful charity action such as Action Against Hunger at our Asian Supermarket Arts2Chine.fr. so to fight against hunger in the world. Thanks to the Cherry Checkout solution that we have been using for one year, this was possible by proposing the option of adding icing on the cake to each order where our customers have the choice to donate between 1 and 10? to try to win a voucher up to 100? all 50 orders. A CSR commitment of our company that carries its cherries thanks to our customers doing a good action to actively contribute to solidarity with noble causes such as the fight against hunger in the world.

Marc - Directeur de smood.ch

We were looking for a way to combine business with charity, allow our customers to eat while allowing someone else to eat, simple integration, an optimal customer experience and outsourced management were our criteria, Cherry Checkout offered us all that!

Thomas Rascol - Directeur de Rascol.com

We've been thinking for a long time about allowing our customers to do charity work on our site without finding the right formula. When we discovered Cherry Checkout, we found it to be an original solution because it gave the donors the opportunity to win a voucher, the "game" aspect of the solution seemed particularly attractive to us, whereas on the Internet, in general, customers are more reluctant to make a donation. donation at the cash desk The concept of gift-contest has really seduced us, and it also seduces our customers!

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