Who are we?

Meet our dedicated team that's passionate about CSR and making a social impact and is innovating to make our world a better place.

Our story

It all started when Charlie Graham-Brown, Jeremy Grandjean and Benoît Luthy met at the startup weekend Lausanne 2012. After several hours of brainstorming and an impressive pitch, the team won 1st prize and Cherry Checkout was born. Since then, the concept has proven itself and has won over experts from the fields of e-commerce and communications looking to make a social impact. Since then, Cherry Checkout has gone from strength to strength as it continues to grow. Do you feel inspired by our project? Join us on the adventure as an e-commerce professional, e-shopper or partner charity.

Our mission

Cherry Checkout's mission is to help raise donations for charity through its simple and innovative concept. As online shopping has exploded over the past few years, Cherry Checkout strives to give online shoppers the opportunity to make a social impact as effortlessly as possible. We also seek to encourage and reward online shoppers who give to charity by holding a prize draw and giving the lucky winners a discount voucher.

Our Promise

Cherry Checkout is committed to providing a fun, responsible and charitable online shopping experience. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? Cherry Checkout ensures that everybody involved in its unique initiative does exaclty that! We provide e-commerce businesses with a unique and original solution, we give online shoppers the chance to win a reward for doing a good deed and we help charities to collect donations. You could say we're the cherry on the e-commerce cake!

Our team

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Switzerland, the Land of NGOs

It was in Geneva that Cherry Checkout chose to settle, where the term "sustainable development" was coined for the first time and, as the land of NGOs, Switzerland is home to numerous global charities. Active in different fields ranging from human rights, to peace, to health, these organisations are committed to saving our world everyday. The United Nations, whose second most important headquarters is based in Geneva, has defined 17 global sustainable development goals designed to change our world by 2030.

All Around the World

Cherry Checkout wants to be an ambassador for charity organisations worldwide and help them to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals! We wish to actively participate in the implementation of this programme by bringing together e-commerce websites, charity organisations and individuals who are committeded to change.

Security at the Heart of What We Do

Your trust is our priority, that's why we carefully select and evaluate all of our partner charities to make sure that they meet our strict criteria. We strive to ensure that each and every pound donated to charity is well spent and contributes to making a positive social and environmental impact so we leave a better world for our children


Answers to all your frequently asked questions.

What do I get when I shop with Cherry Checkout?

Cherry Checkout allows you to support a charity and, in return for your support, you're entered into a prize draw.

When can I add a donation with Cherry Checkout?

You can add "the Cherry On Top" at the checkout page when you shop with any of our e-commerce partners.

Can I get the Cherry Checkout donation reimbursed?

No unfortunately, once you've completed the payment your donation is well on it's way to making a difference.

How do I know if I've won?

As soon as the winner of the prize draw is selected at random, all participants instantly receive an e-mail notifying whether they've won or not.

How is the draw carried out?

The draw is performed by a random computerised and automated process.

How do I know if the funds collected are donated to the charity?

All donations raised through Cherry Checkout are distributed to their respective charities on a monthly basis. Charities, e-commerce websites and online shoppers all have real-time access to the Cherry Checkout dashboard where you can follow the journey of your donations. You can create your own account here. Also follow us on social media to be up to date with our latest achievements and those of our partners!

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