How did we create a complete e-commerce solution based around donation?

How did we create a complete e-commerce solution based around donation?

Having an e-commerce website is now mainstream since more and more people are venturing into an online business. However, it's not ideal to just be a normal online business owner that sells goods and services on the internet. You have to stand out from the rest of your competitors so you can get higher customer retention than them. You need to think of more powerful and effective strategies so your customers will keep on coming back to buy from you. But, how do you do that? Cherry Checkout has something great in store for you to help your e-commerce grow and be successful in a short span of time.

What is Cherry Checkout?

Cherry Checkout is basically an e-commerce plugin with the sole purpose of helping e-commerce websites encourage donations from its prospects and customers. Behind its main purpose to provide a plugin for donations, Cherry Checkout is a pretty creative solution for those who are looking for effective ways to gain more customers online.

Today, not all prospective customers are easily hooked up with online promotions and discounts. Some of them give value to businesses that really work hard in helping the community apart from profiting from clients. Smart customers now prefer e-commerce websites that help charities and the needy through online donations. And if you are still wondering, yes, there are customers who donate generously online.

So, how does Cherry Checkout work for you?

Cherry Checkout helps your e-commerce in many ways.

Standing out in the e-commerce industry is very challenging. A lot of online sellers might have better Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce e-commerce websites than you. If you are a newbie and you are still exploring the online business world, it won't be easy for you to find out the best strategies that can get you ahead of your small and big competitors.

One good thing about Cherry Checkout is that it makes your e-commerce unique. It is a plugin that helps you in many ways such as increasing purchase conversion and winning the loyalty of your customers while solidifying your e-commerce brand image. This plugin can also encourage your customers to donate by offering them a reward in voucher for their next purchase on your website.

There is a so-called Cherry Deal that helps you gain loyal customers.

Cherry Checkout is a creative solution for businesses that want to get ahead of their online rivals. This plugin has a feature called Cherry Deal that serves as an ideal solution to acquire new customers. What this deal offers is the possibility to make a donation in exchange for a voucher and this is only open for a limited time period.

A donation that gives a voucher in return is a different level. This means that you can gain loyal customers by telling them that once they make a donation on your website, they can get a more valuable voucher that they can use to shop next time on your e-commerce website. Some of the promotions included are 30 CHF donations in exchange for Appareal voucher worth 120 CHF, 50 CHF donations for an Institut Laetitia Vocat worth 500 CHF and many more. This is like helping your clients donate while saving their money!

Cherry Win is great for customer retention.

Apart from Cherry Deal, there's also a Cherry Win feature that serves as an omnichannel service that is simple to integrate and to release. This allows e-commerce owners to acquire and retain customers while it increases sympathetic capital and promote the business by rewarding donors with a voucher. Indeed, your customers can make donations while they save money and this is an effective way to promote your business online.

Cherry Checkout is an effective and useful plugin that is best for growth and sustainability. This is definitely not a normal way to promote your online business but for sure, you will win the hearts of loyal customers on the internet. Just imagine how many people are wanting to make a donation in a charity. Your business is bringing the charity to your customers while helping them save money through vouchers. Step up and stand out using a different strategy and you will see your business growing and earning more customers each day.

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