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3 Gamification Marketing Strategies You Need to Use for Your eCommerce

Gamification, E-commerce, Customer Loyalty

The term Gamification indicates a now widespread group of marketing strategies. In essence, through the use of typical video game dynamics, the goal is to achieve strong customer engagement with the product, eCommerce site, or brand.

As a result, the marketing strategy makes the user live an unforgettable experience. Thus, it is easier to establish a relationship of lasting value between the two sides. In this way, companies manage to increase sales and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. As we develop plug-ins to raise funds for charity organizations, they are also useful to collect a donation and other side-goals.

The benefits of gamification strategies

Gamification strives to achieve two main objectives:

1. Drive an active interest in the message you want to communicate
2. Stimulate active and measurable behavior

These fundamental strategies allow you to leverage people's desires and needs. For instance, by providing continuous and easy-to-achieve objectives, rewards to be earned, incentivizing people to get involved, and to make them compare themselves with others. Ultimately, success is measured by involving people actively and over time.

From a marketing perspective, gamification allows eCommerce sites and organizations to obtain significant benefits:
• Greater engagement with more active users thanks to a fun experience.
• More genuine customer loyalty, due to the creation of a long-term relationship.
• Greater visibility and new customers, thanks to a possible virality of the strategy.
• Better brand awareness resulting from the psychological association between brand and feeling of pleasure.
• More conversions, by making some operations fun and less boring, such as the purchase process.
• More reliable customer profiling and additional data, extrapolated from user behavior during the experience.

# 1 - Competitions and Ranking

This is a popular strategy that, over the years, gathered new tools to be more effective. As a SaaS company, we have used this strategy to produce incredible ROIs in the past.

Competitions lengthen your contact list, generate sales, and create some action all-around your business. Overall, competitions present you as a company that cares about their customers and is ready to reward them for their interaction.

The best thing about competitions is excitement. To be precise, the excitement they create in your followers. In the process of creating the desired results, and while waiting for the announcement of winners, many of the participants will continue to check their results constantly. Thus, they will interact with your brand and keep up to date with your latest posts.

# 2 - Badges

When we talk about marketing, as well as customers, people love to show their loyalty and belonging. By encouraging them to do so, they are just recommending your brand to others.

Rewarding your customers with badges (badges, commendations, nicknames, etc.) because of their purchasing journey is a great way to encourage them to continue. At the same time, your brand offers them increasing recognition, increasingly suggesting them to share their experience with others.

Badges or medals represent such an easy and incredible way to make your proposals more interactive. They offer status, ambition, and fun to potential customers. For example, we provide a donation-based solution that can also produce badges as a reward.

#3 - User-generated content

Contests based on user-generated content are an ingenious way to make users interact, engage them, and make you appear more empathetic.

They work by asking the public (starting with your fans on social media) to post content they created following the guidelines of your contest.

By involving your customer base, several goals are attainable. The marketing strategies may range across different beneficial outcomes for your eCommerce site or physical store. Certainly, this process makes it incredibly easy for users to participate. In the end, the only requirements are a smartphone and an account on a social network.

How to get the best out of your competitions

As a bonus, it may be useful to offer something for free (the very famous giveaway) or a huge discount (even if it works less according to our experience). In exchange, the brand may ask for the participant's data in a form or another. Then, if you want to make the most of the opportunity, ask to share the competition on social networks to get an extra chance of winning.

At the end of the competition, you will have created a list of people. These prospects are interested in your brand/product. In other words, you can contact them with an appropriate retargeting strategy for more profit or donation.

On a side note, backup marketing strategies apply. For example, you could tell everyone who hasn't won that they got a prize (i.e. a discount on the product you used for the competition).

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5 Best Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment e-commerce


Its unfortunately all too common a thing for many eCommerce businesses when customers load up their online carts only to leave them and in many cases, completely forget about their potential purchase.

It might seem hopeless, but it certainly doesn't have to be. For any online business struggling with a rising number of abandoned carts, we have some great ways of bringing this number right back down and therefore having a positive knock-on impact on sales.

5 Best Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Only the very best eCommerce businesses will be successful when it comes to a high level of sales, especially if you're looking at sales that have come from customers returning to their abandoned carts. We are now going to take a look at 5 of the very best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment effectively and easily.

1. Reassess Your Shipping Cost

Quite often, customers will put items into their online cart with every intention of buying them. However, if they are then confronted with a hefty shipping fee, this can very easily deter them from completing their purchase.

One of the best ways that you can tackle this is by reassessing your shipping costs. Firstly ask yourself if you need to charge a shipping fee at all, if the answer is no then why not offer free shipping? This may cause a huge peak in sales as the customer will see that they are getting something for nothing. If you do need to charge a shipping fee then it might be worth assessing how low you can comfortably take it, the lower it is, the more likely the customer is to follow through with their purchase.

2. Don't Expect Customers To Sign Up

One of the most frequent things that puts off potential customers is having to create an account with your website just to make a one time purchase. When confronted with this sign up process, many customers may simply look elsewhere.

Don't get us wrong, there's no harm in asking new clients to sign up but this shouldn't be a requirement when making a purchase. Websites with a 'checkout as guest' option are much less likely to have high levels of shopping cart abandonment.

3. Use Secure Payment Methods

If a potential customer doesn't believe that they are parting with their precious credit card details on a website that will hold them close, they're highly likely to make a purchase.

Having secure payment methods on your website is a much more appealing prospect, especially for customers who have never shopped with you before. You should clearly display any trusted credentials clearly for the customer to see. On top of this, you should always make sure that you have multiple ways to pay so that your website can be used by a wider range of people. For example, if someone wishes to pay with PayPal and you do not offer this, they may leave their cart abandoned.

4 Navigation Is Key

Have you ever visited a website which is so confusing to find your way around that you just give up? If the answer is yes, then you will know how frustrating it can be. Making your website easy to navigate will lead to much lower levels of shopping cart abandonment.

If a customer fills up their cart only only to find that they then cannot access the payment screen, they're highly unlikely to spend hours searching your website for it and will likely head to another online store. It is important to remember to keep things as simple and clear as possible since not every visitor to your website is going to be tech savvy.

5 Make Use Of Cherry Checkout

One of the most successful ways of reducing shopping cart abandonment is to use a professional service that has been proven to lower this type of abandonment by 1.8%. This handy plug-in will not only offer your customers a reward on their next purchase, giving them an incentive to return but also runs a donation scheme where customers can make a donation in return for a shopping voucher. Customers are much more likely to make a purchase alongside the gamification process that Cherry Checkout uses, making online shopping fun and interesting.

Many businesses have much more important things to worry about that implementing strategies for abandoned carts on their website and so by using Cherry Checkout you can focus on other areas of your business whilst being confident that Cherry Checkout will aid in boosting your sales and amount of loyal customers.


Online shopping has so many options that customers have no real need to stay on any one eCommerce store and make a purchase. It is vital that you make your website stand out from the rest and make the shopping process as simple and easy as possible for your customers. This will, in turn drastically reduce the amount of abandoned shopping carts you have and boost your sales.

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How did we create a complete e-commerce solution based around donation?

e-commerce, donation, checkout

Having an e-commerce website is now mainstream since more and more people are venturing into an online business. However, it's not ideal to just be a normal online business owner that sells goods and services on the internet. You have to stand out from the rest of your competitors so you can get higher customer retention than them. You need to think of more powerful and effective strategies so your customers will keep on coming back to buy from you. But, how do you do that? Cherry Checkout has something great in store for you to help your e-commerce grow and be successful in a short span of time.

What is Cherry Checkout?

Cherry Checkout is basically an e-commerce plugin with the sole purpose of helping e-commerce websites encourage donations from its prospects and customers. Behind its main purpose to provide a plugin for donations, Cherry Checkout is a pretty creative solution for those who are looking for effective ways to gain more customers online.

Today, not all prospective customers are easily hooked up with online promotions and discounts. Some of them give value to businesses that really work hard in helping the community apart from profiting from clients. Smart customers now prefer e-commerce websites that help charities and the needy through online donations. And if you are still wondering, yes, there are customers who donate generously online.

So, how does Cherry Checkout work for you?

Cherry Checkout helps your e-commerce in many ways.

Standing out in the e-commerce industry is very challenging. A lot of online sellers might have better Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce e-commerce websites than you. If you are a newbie and you are still exploring the online business world, it won't be easy for you to find out the best strategies that can get you ahead of your small and big competitors.

One good thing about Cherry Checkout is that it makes your e-commerce unique. It is a plugin that helps you in many ways such as increasing purchase conversion and winning the loyalty of your customers while solidifying your e-commerce brand image. This plugin can also encourage your customers to donate by offering them a reward in voucher for their next purchase on your website.

There is a so-called Cherry Deal that helps you gain loyal customers.

Cherry Checkout is a creative solution for businesses that want to get ahead of their online rivals. This plugin has a feature called Cherry Deal that serves as an ideal solution to acquire new customers. What this deal offers is the possibility to make a donation in exchange for a voucher and this is only open for a limited time period.

A donation that gives a voucher in return is a different level. This means that you can gain loyal customers by telling them that once they make a donation on your website, they can get a more valuable voucher that they can use to shop next time on your e-commerce website. Some of the promotions included are 30 CHF donations in exchange for Appareal voucher worth 120 CHF, 50 CHF donations for an Institut Laetitia Vocat worth 500 CHF and many more. This is like helping your clients donate while saving their money!

Cherry Win is great for customer retention.

Apart from Cherry Deal, there's also a Cherry Win feature that serves as an omnichannel service that is simple to integrate and to release. This allows e-commerce owners to acquire and retain customers while it increases sympathetic capital and promote the business by rewarding donors with a voucher. Indeed, your customers can make donations while they save money and this is an effective way to promote your business online.

Cherry Checkout is an effective and useful plugin that is best for growth and sustainability. This is definitely not a normal way to promote your online business but for sure, you will win the hearts of loyal customers on the internet. Just imagine how many people are wanting to make a donation in a charity. Your business is bringing the charity to your customers while helping them save money through vouchers. Step up and stand out using a different strategy and you will see your business growing and earning more customers each day.

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What makes the Cherry Checkout offer so different for e-commerce?

e-commerce, donation, checkout,

The rising number of e-commerce websites makes it almost impossible for new entrants to play in the market. Who wouldn't get challenged by big online businesses with years of experience selling products and services online? Of course, if you are new to e-commerce, you would get intimidated to start believing that you couldn't outperform those big e-commerce companies. Whether you are an owner of a large e-commerce website or you are just starting out in your online business, Cherry Checkout can help you stand out by offering a unique plugin that you can integrate easily on your store pages. To learn more about what it offers, here is the essential information you might want to check out.

How does Cherry Checkout offer differ from other services for e-commerce websites?

The most common plugins you will see on your Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento websites are related to sales, AdWords, and hacking. It's easier to look for plugins like these now that e-commerce websites are wanting to lead and be on top of their competitors. However, Cherry Checkout is not your typical e-commerce plugin. It's one of the unique applications that can help your company grow in an exceptional way.

Cherry Checkout lets you integrate a button on your website where people can donate to charities. As an owner of the business, you will have the option to choose which charity do you want to promote on your website so you can communicate the information to your customers online.

So how does this become different from other plugins? What Cherry Checkout promotes is customer loyalty through donations and charity. Yes, there are customers who are willing to patronize businesses who are not just after sales and profit but those that look for ways to help the community as well. If you will be able to show and tell your customers that you are helping an organization through their donations, they will surely keep on coming back to purchase from you while they share their money through the donation buttons.

What benefits will you get from using Cherry Checkout?

1) Customer loyalty is number one. Using Cherry Checkout as one of your e-commerce plugins can contribute to your business by increasing purchase conversion. If your customers and prospective buyers will know that you are helping a charity or an organization through their donations, they will never forget about your brand. There are a lot of people on the internet who want to help the poor and the needy but they don't know how to. If they are aware that your business accepts small donations, they will definitely help. If this is the case, you will win your customers' hearts and loyalty while strengthening your company brand.

2) Next is higher customer retention. What business doesn't want to keep customers while serving them at full capacity? Your business can be the next leader in the market if you will utilize the Cherry Deal on your website. This is a feature of Cherry Checkout that allows businesses to offer their customers to donate in exchange for a voucher with a higher value. Donors can donate a specific amount and be able to receive a voucher that they can use to shop when they go to your website next time. This is one of the most unique promotional strategies that can help your business retain your customers. But, make sure to remind that Cherry Deal is for a limited period only.

3) You get features that can be easily integrated like Cherry Win. That's the third advantage of downloading and using Cherry Checkout. Cherry Win is an ideal omnichannel service that's very easy to use. It permits your business to improve customer retention by offering donors with vouchers so they can be encouraged to donate. Unlike other methods of e-commerce websites, Cherry Win is not pushy in terms of finding donors. Vouchers are attractive to customers because they are getting more valuable stuff than the money they donated. Overall, it's a rewarding featuring both for you and for your customers.

Cherry Checkout is a new and innovative concept that's fit for new and long-term businesses. If you are looking for ways to become an effective e-commerce website and retain more customers, try this plugin and never regret a single chance of meeting your kind customers.

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The 3 best ways to create a social responsibility (CSR) strategy in e-commerce

CSR e-commerce responsible

The fact that CSR is central to business is a reality that digital businesses, and of course e-commerce businesses, cannot escape. Being aware that companies operate in a society and environment that they must take care of is essential to the success of any business.
However, some companies sometimes consider that CSR is not feasible for everyone and that it involves a significant investment of time and capital. What if, in reality, it's simpler than we think?
Here are three best ways to create a social responsibility (CSR) strategy that, without requiring a large investment, can produce great results for the company and the society in which it operates :

Honesty, transparency and trust in customer relations.

What defines a company is the way it connects and interacts with its customers. In e-commerce, it is also essential to create a climate of trust between the organization and the customer in order to overcome the obstacles that can sometimes arise when shopping online.
Basing this relationship on values such as honesty, transparency and trust is the first step in making the company a socially responsible organization, and also the power of public engagement becomes even stronger.

Cooperate to promote solidarity actions by other organizations and companies

Your company is a fantastic channel to give visibility to solidarity actions of all kinds. Get involved with their causes and use all your means to make them visible to your public. There are many ways for a company to play a simple role in social projects. By using a widget, for example, which allows customers to donate a small amount of money to a particular project. Simple, transparent and socially responsible.
Culture is also one of the values that involves a lot of people; don't let your company sit on the sidelines. Choose the cultural events that most identify with your brand image while showing your contribution to society.

Take responsibility for defective products

In e-commerce, it is essential, as we have already said, to rely on customer trust. Providing an appropriate response to potential errors when providing a service or selling a faulty product is not only a socially responsible action to take, but it also guarantees the best possible offer for the customer and, consequently, a higher level of satisfaction and greater success in business results.


In the end, try not to waste your efforts on a CSR approach. Businesses pay a lot of attention to the sales channel, which seems almost inevitable in today's economy. But it is crucial to consider either allocating internal resources to an ongoing CSR strategy effort or, if you can, hiring key people to take care of CSR in your company.

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