Data protection

At Cherry Checkout, we protect your personal data.
It remains strictly confidential and secure.

A brief description of what data we collect and how we use it.

1. What are your rights?

Participation in our game cannot be conditioned at the reception of prospecting on our part or those of our partners. To exercise your access rights, of rectification and opposition to the processing of your personal data, please contact us via this form, by e-mail: Or at the following postal address: Cherry Checkout SA, Route Cantonal de Sierre Montana 17, CH-3975 Randogne (Switzerland) We are committed to collect your consent for the prospecting carried out by means of an electronic communication mode (electronic mail, SMS or MMS) for different services of the game and for the assignment to third-party companies of your personal data. You always have the possibility to oppose in a simple way to stop receiving prospecting on our part. We will promptly inform this opposition to any other processing manager who has been made recipient of your personal personnelles because of our service

2. What are the uses for your personal data?

The processing of your personal data may have all or part of the following purposes:

  • operations related to the management of the Cherry Checkout service and your customer account ;
  • exploration operations ;
  • the development of trade statistics ;
  • the exchange of files with the partner websites on which you realize your purchases at a distance ;
  • organizing the games ;
  • the management of your requests for access, rectification and opposition ;
  • the management of unpaid transactions and litigation ;
  • the management of your opinions on our services and content.

3. What data will be processed?

The data that can be processed for the purposes described above are:

  • your identity: Civility, name, forenames, address, telephone number (landline and/or mobile), fax number, e-mail addresses, date of birth, internal processing code allowing customer identification. A copy of an identity title may be retained for the purposes of evidence ;
  • data on means of payment: postal or bank identification, cheque number ;
  • the transaction data on the partner site such as the transaction number, the details of the purchase, the subscription, the good or the service subscribed ;
  • data relating to the monitoring of the business relationship ;
  • data on the selection of people to carry out loyalty and promotion actions ;
  • data relating to the organization and processing of the game such as the date of participation, the results to the games and the nature of the prizes and bonuses offered ;
  • information about your opinions on our services or content, including your pseudonym.

4. The recipients and the persons empowered to process the data

Within the limits of their respective attributions, they may have access to personal data at Cherry Checkout for persons in charge of marketing, sales, customer relations and prospecting, administrative services, logistical services and IT ;
you can also receive your personal data:

  • the subcontractors of Cherry Checkout who are subject to the same obligations of security and confidentiality of your data ;
  • the partner websites on which you make your purchases ;
  • agencies, legal assistants and departmental officers as part of their debt recovery mission.

5. Shelf life by Cherry Checkout

Personal data relating to customers will not be retained beyond the time strictly necessary for the management of our gaming service. However, data to establish evidence of a right or contract, or, retained in respect of a legal obligation, may be archived in accordance with the provisions in force. The data used for commercial prospecting purposes may be retained for a period of three years from the end of the business relationship. Personal data relating to a non-customer prospect may be retained for a period of three Years from the date of collection by the processing manager or the last contact from the prospect (e.g. request for documentation). At the end of this three-year period, cherry Checkout will be able to resume contact with you to find out if you want to continue receiving our commercial solicitations. In the absence of a positive and explicit response, the data will be deleted or archived in accordance with the provisions in force. With regard to credit card data, Cherry Checkout is not the recipient of this information.When a person exercises his right to object to prospecting from Cherry Checkout, the information allowing him to take account of his right to object is retained for a minimum of three years. These data may in no case be used for purposes other than the management of the right to object. With regard to audience measurement statistics, information stored in the user terminal (eg cookies) or any other element used to identify users and allow user traceability is not retained beyond six months. new visits do not extend the lifespan of this information. The gross attendance data associating an identifier is not retained for more than six months. Beyond this period, the data are either deleted or anonymized.

6. The use of cookies

Connection data (date, time, Internet address, protocol of the visitor's computer, page consulted) may be used for measurement purposes. Our eventual cookies are intended exclusively to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means. They are necessary for the provision of our service. Any cookies with another purpose, such as targeted advertising, will be subject to information and express consent on your part, with an option allowing their deletions.

7. Data transfer to Switzerland, excluding E.U.

Data transfers are made to Switzerland, which is a country recognized by the European Commission as providing adequate protection for personal data.
The data is stored on our servers at Amazon Web Service.

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