How to enhance the value of your CSR strategy ?

How to enhance the value of your CSR strategy ?

How to enhance the value of your CSR strategy?

Have you just implemented a CSR strategy ? But you want it to be perfectly valorized? Don't panic, it's always possible to do it externally as well as internally. Would you like to know more? To get advice on the different actions you could implement? Let's find out together! Indeed, we are going to give you the different actions to implement for a CSR strategy that is valued externally, but also for it to be valued internally. Are you ready? Then let's go !

1. Valorize your CSR strategy by obtaining labels.
2. Communicate and draw attention to your efforts.
3. Make sense of your employees by integrating them into your strategy.
4. Tell your community about your results.

"CSR is a real commitment: that of building a sustainable model that reconciles the economy, social and environmental issues."
Insight We Trust, TBWA, CSR edition, February 2020

Value your CSR strategy to your external stakeholders

The first way you can add value to your CSR strategy is simply by opting for external valuation. In other words, you talk about your strategy outside your company. This approach can take different forms and several actions that will have to be put in place so that it can really be put forward.

Getting labeled

As you must certainly know, having a label on its products and services can really make a strong impact for a company. There are two different kinds of labels: the product labels that we all know and that are, in many cases, set up at the European level or the company label, which may be less well known. Nevertheless, there are many labels to take into account, but above all choose the right ones according to its products, its services, but also the values that the company conveys. These must also meet specific objectives. Here is a short list of the main labels that can be found :
The certification by the ISO 14001 standard in the environmental field.
The SA 8000 certification in the social field.
The Lucie label which touches several domains.

It is also important to note that a label can also have an impact in the social field. You just have to find the one that suits you best.

It is also important to note that having a label within your company simply gives it a new lease of life. Indeed, it integrates something new in its strategy, which is not negligible. Also, it can bring a certain maturity to its thinking, not to mention the fact that it greatly promotes the progress made.

The label is therefore a positive point that you should have within your company if the sector and the products or services sold allow it.

Communicate through your usual channels

It should also be noted that very often CSR strategies are written within a document. So yes, your customers could simply get it and read it, but it should be noted that it is an undrinkable element to read. Indeed, they are often big chunks that can easily annoy the person concerned. Communication is the most important thing to ensure that your community is aware of this CSR strategy.

You can talk about it on social networks or in your newsletters. Making videos or computer graphics can also be good ideas. Indeed, it brings a little fun to your document, without distorting it. Your community and your customers will enjoy watching these different communication formats. You give meaning to your campaigns while continuing to enhance your CSR strategy.

"Csr is not just buzzwords: brand social responsibility, brand purpose, wokeness, inclusiveness, sustainability, quality of work life, transparency..."
Insight We Trust, TBWA, CSR edition, February 2020

Integrating employees

Your employees should not be put aside when building your CSR plan. Indeed, they must be real stakeholders so that you can easily integrate them. Also note that this strategy must really be understood by all employees for it to have a real impact. Your employees can be real ambassadors for your company's CSR strategy. Feeling involved in your approach will allow them to give meaning to their work.

Bring the information down

Indeed, if you are a large company, you can call upon a small committee of employee volunteers who will propose solutions adapted to your company. Not all employees will be able to participate, so many will not be aware of what may have been said. It is therefore important to communicate so that each employee can be on an equal footing in terms of information.

In the same way as the external valuation, you can perfectly vary your communication supports: newsletters, dynamic screens in the common areas or display in your premises, for example.

It is therefore perfectly possible to promote your CSR strategy both externally and internally. Nevertheless, for a perfect combo, you can combine both strategies. Indeed, having employees who are true ambassadors of your values will allow you to have an external visibility concerning the latter. Rather practical as an idea, don't you think ?

Measure the impact of its actions

If you put a CSR strategy in the environmental, social or economic field, it is to take action. performance indicators and take the time to make them readable by the general public. For example, if you propose to plant a tree for every order paid for, communicate on the number of trees that your customers' participation has enabled you to plant! Give visibility to the association you support and to the means put in place to carry out your actions.

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