Discount voucher: how to retain your customers after their order?

Discount voucher: how to retain your customers after their order?

Discount voucher: how to retain your customers after their order ?

1. Clearly set your strategic goal.
2. Define a given period of time so as not to damage your brand image.
3. Identify the risks associated with the discount that will be specific to your brand.
4. Define the right KPI to analyze the impact of your campaign.

"A product is loyal [...] if it stimulates the intensity of the customer relationship."
Delphine Manceau, Associate Professor at ESCP-EAP, La relation client - Fidélité, fidélisation, produits loyalisant by Dominique Crié, Marketing Research and Applications, Vol. 19, No. 1 (2004), pp. 108-110

What are the advantages of a voucher ?

Everybody likes the discount coupons ! Indeed, it really gives customers the opportunity to buy again in a store. The voucher is still an element that is part of a full-fledged sales strategy. Indeed, a brand cannot offer a coupon simply to please a customer. There is a goal and an objective to reach.
Let's discover together the different advantages of offering a voucher to its customers:
1. Easily increase your conversion rate. Indeed, sometimes you may have customers who are undecided on their choice.
The voucher is there to push them in one direction or another: they will have less trouble buying a pair of shoes if you offer them 10 francs, for example.
2. Opting for a one-off strategy of discount vouchers, simply allows you to keep a good image with your customers. Indeed, the latter will easily remember this commercial gesture that you could do to them. It is therefore essential to offer them some, in a spontaneous way.
Nevertheless, avoid offering them one after the other: it must remain exceptional for your strategy to work.
3. Having a discount simply helps your customers to make their purchasing decision. Indeed, the promotion really helps to sway a customer into making a purchase.
Note also that you will be more likely to have him/her continue to buy from you rather than from a competitor. Especially if the latter does not offer a discount when ordering. Therefore, take care to compare your offers with those of your competitors.

As you can see, the voucher is a really effective way to build loyalty, but also to satisfy your customer. Indeed, when you offer him this discount voucher, he could really feel privileged. The latter will therefore keep a good memory of his purchase experience in your physical store or your online store.
If it is a strategy that allows you to increase your sales, the coupon is an element that you must keep.
To this end you must take care to choose the right one performance indicator (KPI). Generally, it is preferable to analyze the number of first customers (consumers who have never bought from you) who consumed the voucher and who came back later to make a second order. The average basket amount can also be a good indicator of the success of your strategy.

What are the drawbacks of a coupon? ?

While this may seem attractive, it should be noted that the coupon has some drawbacks. We have made a small list of these so that you can easily find your way around:
You may stop this strategy for various reasons of your own. Your customers might therefore go to your competitors, especially if they are cheaper than you, for example. It is therefore important to replace the voucher with another action that could satisfy your customers even more.
You must distribute these codes sparingly: indeed, if the customer saves money, it should be noted that it will cost you money. Why should you do this? Simply because your margins will be eaten away, which could put you in a rather complicated financial situation. It is therefore imperative to establish a good strategy from the start.
Giving coupons to your customers does not mean that they will increase their average shopping cart. In fact, if they only need two of your products, they won't buy a third simply because you gave them a coupon. Their order may stay the same. Nevertheless, it is possible to opt for vouchers with a minimum purchase: there, you can hope that their average baskets will be increased.
As you can see, opting for vouchers can have some drawbacks. It is therefore important to take them into account and choose a strategy that can address them.

When to offer a discount voucher to your customers to build loyalty ?

As you should certainly know, it is perfectly possible to offer a coupon at several points during the order process. For you to really understand, here are the different moments that can be relevant:
Directly when a customer has just created an account. Indeed, you can choose to offer him a discount code just because he is a new customer. It's rather simple and effective to trigger a purchase act.
Beware, however, of the clever ones who create several accounts to have several vouchers when they register.
Offer him a coupon once he has a specific number of points after a series of purchases. Indeed, this will certainly push him to accumulate points, which is not negligible. You reward his loyalty.
Following an order. You can absolutely send him a coupon so that he can easily make a second purchase soon. This can also be a way to build loyalty.
When he hasn't ordered for a period T. For example, if his last order was 2 months ago, give him a discount on his next purchase.
Also note that depending on when you offer your voucher, the amount may be different. For example, offer 10€ on a first order, 5€ for a reminder or 8€ at registration. Don't forget: compare your offer to your competitors! This can be decisive for the success of your operation.

The voucher is therefore a strategy that you can use to build customer loyalty. After all, it is by giving them gifts that you can show your good faith, but also keep them in your customer database. Birthdays can also be a good time to send them a discount.
Admittedly, everything is computerized, but it should be noted that it will be a pleasure to receive a small discount voucher !

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