CSR to improve its reputation!

CSR to improve its reputation!

The Reputation Institute France unveiled a few weeks ago its ranking of 2016 companies with the best reputation.

A classification in which an argument is obvious: the CSR policy of a company has an undeniable effect on its overall reputation.

In order to measure the impact of CSR on reputation, the Reputation Institute has asked 6 million people to evaluate 3000 companies from all sectors, some of which are based in France. They were to be ranked according to three pillars of CSR: governance, citizenship and well-being at work.

In the top 5, there are companies: Rolex, Canon, Michelin, Lego and Johnson & Johnson ...

Companies that have invested a lot of money and energy to develop an effective CSR strategy. These strategies also become real levers of communication to make themselves known to professionals and to the general public.

According to the Reputation Institute France, CSR alone accounts for 40% of the overall reputation of a company, hence the interest of good care.

And if a good CSR strategy is an important structuring element in corporate governance, it is also a sign of good health.

The implementation of a CSR strategy enhances the image of the brand with its customers and consumers by moving from a simple producer of products / services to a responsible, respectful and ethical company. More and more rating agencies are considering CSR results to assess a company's performance.

As a result, companies that perform well in CSR can build an excellent reputation.

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