CSR : The winning bet!

CSR : The winning bet!

A study published by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) reveals that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has a direct impact on sales growth and sustainable development. A winning bet for companies that strive to make their business socially useful.

Increasingly engaged consumers

Corporate sponsorship has existed for a long time, but the growing enthusiasm it has generated in recent years is rather new. And consumers are there for many. According to the MEI, companies that implement social or solidarity projects seek to place social responsibility at the heart of their strategy, not only to feel socially useful, but also to meet the expectations of consumers more and more Demanding and committed. According to a Greenflex study, 60% of French people are committed consumers.

A winning bet for companies

By introducing a strategy of social responsibility and sustainability, companies improve their notoriety without renouncing the maximization of profits. Indeed, over the medium and long term, the deployment of social and solidarity actions loyalizes customers and reinforces the brand image of the company. Consequently, social responsibility is beneficial to all: for companies and their managers, for consumers, for beneficiaries and, more generally, for the whole of society.

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