Attract and retain your customers through online contests!

Attract and retain your customers through online contests!

Today the competition is an indispensable tool in a digital communication strategy. There are several forms: surveys, quizzes, winning moments, raffles, video contests ... But what do they concretely bring to the company?

Attract and retain

A competition game attracts and reaps new prospects and customers. It is a user who may not know your brand and thanks to the viral effect of the game, leads him to discover your universe, your identity and your products.

The contest also helps to build customer loyalty. Most of the time, the client is proud to have played the game and to belong to this community. It is a good way to engage customers with their brand and its values.

Communicating the image

Finally, the game competition is more and more viral thanks to the social networks and their simplicity to share content in a click. The audience is thus considerably increased, which is indispensable today. It should be noted that a competition is cheaper to organize than an advertising campaign when the goal is the same: to increase the audience.

The contest can have several purposes: to promote a new product, to improve its brand image and reputation, to make buzz ... Setting up a contest gives a lively, modern and creative image of the brand.

Animate the community

In a strategy of long-term relationship with the customer one must think to add to the "commercial" side of the relationship a playful side and offer entertainment to the customer. The contest is a perfect tool to entertain, animate and interact with your community.

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