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Cherry Checkout is proud to support the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals that aim to make the world a better place by 2030. That's why all of our partners are carefully selected by our team. Discover the UN's initiatives for building a better world.

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AB REPRO is a clothing sales website. Concerned about quality and price, our customer service is a priority.



Creatyour offers customizable T-shirts and clothing for adults and children.


Little Mask

Little Mask offers a wide range of cosmetic masks. Their mission is to find you bestseller products from all over the world at unbeatable prices. Masks fabrics, clays, hydrogel, bio, at night, for the eyes, the hands, the feet or the hair, you will find the ideal product to remake a beauty


Jess Makeup Cosmetics

The goal of JESS MAKE UP COSMETICS © is rooted in the essence of its products: to offer professionals reliable and quality tools. The manufacture, development and assembly are made in France. Each product is cruelty free (not tested on animals) and vegan (without animal matter).



In Caffettino Shop you will find everything you need for your home lab: proprietary blends of Italian coffee, coffee machines exclusively made in Italy, mills etc. All products are field tested by Caffettino ...



Produits et matériel de coiffure en ligne, pour particuliers.


Natur Miel

Natur Miel, vente de Miel de France


Bourquin Nutrition

BN Nutrition - Your health, sport and well-being partner



Coques-iPhone.com is a French site covers sales and accessories for phones and tablets: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Sony ... They create original and unique shells, Made in France, for sale anywhere else, thanks to numerous partnerships with artists (photographers, graphic designers, painters ...) worldwide. cheap hulls and accessories throughout the year, a free delivery in France. and shipping on the same day for all orders placed before 12am Monday to Friday.


Daylily Paris

Daylily proposes cosmetic care combining pleasure, safety and efficiency for the future and young moms.



Ce site s'attache à présenter une sélection de vins suisses. On y trouve également un large choix de vins européens, certains sélectionnés, d'autres incontournables. (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Provence, Vallée du Rhône, Languedoc, Champagne et des Armagnacs)



Site internet spécialiste des embouts dentaires


Cartouche Encre-Toner

Cartouche Encre-Toner specializes in the sale of cartridges and toners. This site offers a range of brand printer cartridges, but also a range of 100% recycled compatible cartridges. They certainly have the cartridge or toner you are looking for and the best value for money.



Bobijoo offers you a rigorous selection of fancy jewelery and accessories for all tastes and at incredible prices. With its privileged relationship with renowned manufacturers around the world, discover their collection and enjoy a free delivery throughout the site with no minimum purchase.



Bijouterie en ligne spécialisée dans la microgravure


Sports Loisirs

Sports Loisirs is the specialist shoes sport and city. More than 2000 references, 40 brands specialized in the sport or fashionable.



Vente en ligne d'articles de mercerie, couture, tissus, laine, broderie et patchwork.


Les Rallumeurs d'étoiles

Les Rallumeurs d'étoiles set up a sales system of regional gastronomic and home-made products exclusively from Haute-Vienne which highlights The principles of the short circuits and the valuation of the knowledges traditional with the consumers.



Ecospain deliver everywhere in Switzerland a Christmass tree in a pot, alive smelling the forest. After the Christmass party, we come to your place TO take it back and we make sure the tree will be in perfect condition for a new year.


Techno Surf

Technosurf at Geneva, find the best ski brands, hiking and snowboarding. Movement ski Head Ski, Snowboard Head, Black Crows, Line, Jones snowboard, snowboard Ride: the best prices. Discover all the models in their stores or on their e-shop. With Technosurf, get personalized advice. Their experts will guide you in your choices based on your budget, your level and your ambitions.



Milasong designs and sells playful and practical bags for all the family.



Smood offers an innovative restaurant delivery service in the Geneva area . Simply select one of the participating restaurants , choose a dish and everything is delivered to you within 60 minutes.


Domaine du Paradis

Being Installed. Founded in 1983 by Rosette and Roger Burgdorfer, the Domaine du Paradis does not take its current form until 1987. Our first four vintages were vinified in our friends and confreres of the Cave Les Perrières in Peissy. The vintage 1987 was the first to be vinified in the newly built cellar of Domaine du Paradis. The success was at the rendezvous and, in the early 1990s, we decided to expand the team. The goal was simple, that everyone could concentrate on his area of ​​expertise. Roger, a nursery nurse, had to be able to concentrate on optimizing the grape varieties at Domaine du Paradis while Rosette was to assume financial and administrative management. All we had to do was complete the team with a touch of creative madness in the winemaking of our wines. The rare pearl was discovered in the person of Didier Cornut, who has managed the vinification and marketing of our wines since 1991. This perfectly complementary trio brings to the Genevan landscape its originality, its emotion and its passion to propose 22 different wines today.



Lady-Corner (société MIR Factory) est un site de vente en ligne d'accessoires pour cheveux. Nous avons à coeur d'entreprendre de façon responsable. Ainsi, nous proposons des envois avec des emballages faibles en impact écologique.



SwissEcoShop offers a wide selection of 100% ecological, natural & organic products, with more than 2,250 products available.


Freely Handustry

Production & commercialisation de cookies biologiques, sans gluten & vegan


La Maison du Sandwich

Creators of sandwiches, paninis and custom salads, prepared on the spot in front of our customers, according to their desires, with fresh seasonal and quality ingredients.

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