The 3 best ways to create a social responsibility (CSR) strategy in e-commerce

The 3 best ways to create a social responsibility (CSR) strategy in e-commerce

The fact that CSR is central to business is a reality that digital businesses, and of course e-commerce businesses, cannot escape. Being aware that companies operate in a society and environment that they must take care of is essential to the success of any business.
However, some companies sometimes consider that CSR is not feasible for everyone and that it involves a significant investment of time and capital. What if, in reality, it's simpler than we think?
Here are three best ways to create a social responsibility (CSR) strategy that, without requiring a large investment, can produce great results for the company and the society in which it operates :

Honesty, transparency and trust in customer relations.

What defines a company is the way it connects and interacts with its customers. In e-commerce, it is also essential to create a climate of trust between the organization and the customer in order to overcome the obstacles that can sometimes arise when shopping online.
Basing this relationship on values such as honesty, transparency and trust is the first step in making the company a socially responsible organization, and also the power of public engagement becomes even stronger.

Cooperate to promote solidarity actions by other organizations and companies

Your company is a fantastic channel to give visibility to solidarity actions of all kinds. Get involved with their causes and use all your means to make them visible to your public. There are many ways for a company to play a simple role in social projects. By using a widget, for example, which allows customers to donate a small amount of money to a particular project. Simple, transparent and socially responsible.
Culture is also one of the values that involves a lot of people; don't let your company sit on the sidelines. Choose the cultural events that most identify with your brand image while showing your contribution to society.

Take responsibility for defective products

In e-commerce, it is essential, as we have already said, to rely on customer trust. Providing an appropriate response to potential errors when providing a service or selling a faulty product is not only a socially responsible action to take, but it also guarantees the best possible offer for the customer and, consequently, a higher level of satisfaction and greater success in business results.


In the end, try not to waste your efforts on a CSR approach. Businesses pay a lot of attention to the sales channel, which seems almost inevitable in today's economy. But it is crucial to consider either allocating internal resources to an ongoing CSR strategy effort or, if you can, hiring key people to take care of CSR in your company.

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